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Building Dreams Seal the Deal RAP Be a Blessing



Knowing that schools are second only to children’s families in shaping futures, FFLF designed the Building Dreams program. Building Dreams is an evidence-based and incentive-based educational program that utilizes real-life experiences. The program can be implemented as either a thirty-two week four quarter program, or a six week, one quarter program; during school hours or after-school hours. Expertly designed under the leadership of the FFLF Board of Directors, the curriculum integrates important Indiana Reading, Writing, Language, and Speaking and Listening Standards with Social Emotional Learning (SEL) core competencies that have been researched and proven effective. Each lesson takes between 15-30 minutes to complete per day.

The goal of the Building Dreams program is to assist underserved but deserving youth in developing the academic and social-emotional skills necessary to be successful in the classroom and in life. In addition, family, community, and student-teacher bonds are strengthened as a result of the program. Designed to be a tool for teachers and engaging for participants, students’ participation is incentivized and progress is tracked using football themes and props. Students learn to earn! Values sometimes only learned in organized sports-related activities, such as responsibility, teamwork, problem solving, motivation, managing conflict, and setting and achieving goals, are woven throughout the Building Dreams curriculum and become second nature to students when expressed through various mediums.

Classroom activities focus on improving students’ ability to recognize and understand a variety of emotions by reading books, completing activities in a workbook, and participating in reflective and creative expression activities. Pre and post-program inventories and surveys directly measure the extent to which the program helps students develop social emotional skills in self-management and self-control, reduce conflict among students, and help improve teachers’ classroom management.

Delivering a Unique Approach to Youth Development






Seal the Deal includes a series of youth flag football camps. While helping students improve their athletic skills, Seal the Deal is designed to help students “Make big plays on and off the field,” by combining the game of football with the game of life and daily character development activities. Seal the Deal means, “Make a big play,” which is what we want our participants to strive for throughout their lives by developing the social skills needed to make even bigger plays off the field.

Seal the Deal is a youth flag football camp and tournament that utilizes sports-related activities as teaching agents to help students “make big plays on and off the field.” The 2-day Youth Football Camps focus on agility, conditioning, football fundamentals, competition, character building, and fun.


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R.A.P. is a program built to teach self-reflection skills to youth in order for them to reach greater self-actualization. The most important thing our youth can do, and often times the hardest, is to speak up about what has happened to them. Utilizing music interpretation, participants learn to recognize and understand the symptoms of the hardships and challenges that they may experience in life and thereby learn the self-control necessary to react in healthier ways. Students actively share their ideas, observations, and feelings. Because it is in speaking their truth and reaching out that they can connect with and learn to trust other people, FFLF believes that developing greater self-actualization is the essential ingredient for developing leadership abilities, resilience, and healing in our “at-risk” youth.

Like Building Dreams, R.A.P. is also an SEL program that helps students improve the following core competencies:

  • Self-Management
  • Self Awareness
  • Social Awareness
  • Responsible Decision Making
  • Relationship Skills



Be A Blessing is an event-based program that provides holistic support to FFLF participant families. The goals are threefold:  to reach out a hand to those in need, help to encourage children to stay on the right path, and to aid parents in providing for what their children need to be successful in life.

Each Year FFLF hosts program participants on field trips and Christmas that expose children to new environments, and memorable Holiday experiences for at least 725 children (K-5) that may not otherwise have one of these experiences.