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December 20, 2021

2021 Year-End Stakeholder Letter


Fight for Life, Indianapolis, IN


To our friends, supporters, and clients:

We at Fight For Life Foundation are ending the year filled with gratitude and appreciation for each and everyone one of you. You have played an integral role in helping us to reach our goal to Create Stronger Classrooms And Healthier Schools this year!

With your support, we’ve made incredible strides in all the ways that count over this past year and that is something be celebrated!

This past year the Fight For Life Foundation, through our Building Dreams program, has:

  • Equipped administrators with a system that provides the data they need to support their
    teachers and students.
  • Supported educators by providing resources that improve classroom management and student behavioral issues
  • Engaged students & parents in a fun gamified program that rewards responsible decision-making and helps meet their needs.

With your continued support, we’ll continue to positively impact educators, students, families, and communities by providing the systems, support, and incentives needed to “calm the chaotic classroom” and help achieve increased academic performance, in-classroom instruction time, and better behavioral health outcomes.

The challenges our educators and students face are complex and plentiful and the stakes are higher than ever. Fight For Life Foundation is committed to being a trusted partner and resource for years to come, and we hope that you’ll continue to walk beside us in our efforts.

We appreciate each of you for you your support, encouragement and partnership on this important mission and wish you continued blessings in the year to come.


Marlin & Lisa


317-578-5499 www.fightforlifefoundation.org 1300 E. 86th St. Suite 40426 Indianapolis IN. 46240