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May 18, 2016

6 Keys To Setting Goals In Youth Sports

Kids hockey 300 widePierson is a 12-year-old hockey player who practices five to six days a week, travels to out-of-state tournaments, and captains his team. He also plays soccer. His goals? To have the best plus/minus ratio on his team, which means when he’s on the ice, his team scores more than they get scored on.

Riley is a 10-year-old swimmer who practices three days a week and has broken a handful of pool records. Her goal? To make a select traveling team and continue to gain speed.

Scott is a 9-year-old basketball player who practices three days a week and is learning his way through basic plays and around the court. His goal? To become a more proficient dribbler.

Anybody who works in corporate America, was on a high school volleyball team, or has run a 10K knows that goal setting is a proven way to arrive at the destination you desire. Even if you’ve never sat in a cubicle or sweated through a soccer practice, you likely know that to get from point A to point B, which is ten miles away, you have to travel there mile by mile—or even quarter-mile by quarter-mile.

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