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March 10, 2016

Another Point of View

Orig Post www.avery.com | Re-Post Fight For Life Foundation 3/10/2016

perspective-300-wideThere’s always more than one point of view. But sometimes it’s easy to forget that our own point of view is not the only way to look at things. When you’re able to see and understand someone else’s perspective, it can help us communicate better. For advice on how to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes and truly understand someone else’s point of view, we turned to Jaelline Jaffe, a writer, editor and a licensed marriage and family therapist with 30 years of experience assisting individuals, couples, and groups. The following is an article prepared by Dr. Jaffe.

Seeing Things as WE Are

It is our natural tendency to think that we see things the way they ARE—but since we all see things from our own perspectives, it should be apparent that we see things as WE are, not as THEY are. The inability to see things from another’s perspective is at the root of relationship problems everywhere: from personal life, to work, to conflicts between religions, cultures, and nations.

We need some shifts in focus to see the world through another person’s eyes. Generally, our resistance to do so comes from two sources: 1) we “know” we are right and the other person is wrong; or 2) we think if we had to see things from the other’s point of view, we might have to give up our own.

To help people shift their resistance to seeing things from another point of view, I have found several tools useful. Whether engaged by one person, two, or more, these tools can help develop skills of seeing things from another’s perspective.

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