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March 11, 2017

Board Spotlight: Heather Mesalam

Fight For Life Foundation is eager to share the many faces behind our organization who give their time and resources to investing in the lives of youth in our community. We’ve asked each of our board members to share their experience with Fight For Life – read below to get to know Heather! You can also read about past board members here.

My name is Heather Mesalam and I own a Marketing and Events Management business. I’ve lived in Indianapolis most of my life and moved back to Indy in 2011 from Tuscaloosa, AL… Roll Tide!

How did you hear about or get connected to Fight For Life?

Marlin married my best friend, Nikki, since 8th grade. I started to learn more about FFLF, naturally, through our conversations.I have an intense passion for (and experience with) non-profits benefitting underserved kids and knew I wanted to help however I could.

What do you love about Fight For Life? 

I love the experiences we provide to kids. Whether it be in the classroom learning about love, volunteering, courage, etc. through our Building Dreams programs or during our Be A Blessing Holiday Parties or even at the free Seal the Deal summer camps, I love that we are able to create these awesome, positive experiences for kids. Each year, these kids look forward to seeing Marlin, spending time with him and having fun in a safe environment. It’s amazing what a positive role model can do for people.

Do you have any favorite events or memories?

This past December, we took 36 kids to Paul Mitchell to get their hair washed, cut, and styled.  I have never seen so many “giddy” kids, it was awesome.  Most of them have never had their hair professionally done and to hear their remarks was so much fun.  I will never forget one little girl saying “I have never had anyone cut my hair except for my mom, this feels so nice.”

Another favorite memory I have is when we went to one of the schools to teach a Building Dreams lesson. The topic was “volunteering.” Marlin asked the kids to give examples of how they volunteer and to hear 2nd graders give their examples was priceless. These kids have pure, innocent, loving hearts.

In 10 years you see Fight For Life…

Bigger than I can imagine. I see more and more kids being served as a direct result of our increased supporters, donors, sponsors and grants. I imagine Building Dreams will be in school systems across Indiana and other states. I see kids emailing us and letting us know they are headed to college when they never thought they would be going. I see FFLF as a well-known nonprofit across the midwest!