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January 13, 2017

Board Spotlight: Travis Stegemoller

This week, get to know another friendly face behind Fight For Life – Travis! Each week we’re highlighting a FFLF board member so that our friends and followers can get to know the people who support this organization. “A team is only as strong as it’s weakest link,” and we’re thankful to have such a strong team of board members who pour into FFLF!


My name is Travis and I’m a trademark attorney at Adidas. I was born and raised in Indianapolis before moving to the Chicagoland area for six years. In 2015, after spending time outside of Chicago I moved back to call Indy home again.

How did you hear about or get connected to Fight For Life?
I met Marlin Jackson at a Venture Club of Indiana event where he shared the mission of Fight For Life and his personal vision for it’s growth.  It was a very inspirational presentation and caused me to consider getting involved.
What do you love about Fight For Life?
My favorite thing about Fight For Life Foundation is that we get to directly help kids improve their own lives by giving them tools they can use to better understand and control their own emotions. I think this is an area of education that is often overlooked both at home and in the classroom, despite how critical it is to being a high quality individual in our society. I wish I had access to this information when I was young and that motivates me to make sure as many kids experience some component of FFLF as possible.
Do you have any favorite events or memories?
My favorite event was the 2016 “Seal the Deal Bowl” at our youth football summer camp. The championship flag football game was a classic back and forth battle with lots of drama and excitement. The kids did a great job of balancing their competitiveness with sportsmanship.
In 10 years you see Fight For Life…
In 10 years, I see FFLF as having achieved nationwide brand recognition such that kids and parents are asking teachers to bring FFLF programs to their school.
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