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February 28, 2019

Build A Better You Challenge: Forgiveness To Responses

This year, Fight For Life is excited to continue it’s “Build A Better You Challenge” that incorporates our Building Dreams program with Jack and Jill Magazine! In this series, Marlin Jackson sets out the building blocks that students need in order to live the life they want. As someone who grew up in humble circumstances and was able to overcome a broken home and drug-fueled neighborhood, Marlin knows all about what it takes to fight for a better life.

In the first issue of 2019, Marlin teaches readers about the importance of forgiveness. In this lesson, Amiyah accidentally kicked her friend Kayden while she was swinging. Kyden was mad initially but a teacher helped him to realize the importance of forgiveness. Marlin also teaches us 5 tips about forgiveness in this lesson. 1. Don’t make someone do something for you in order to forgive them, like making them give you their lunch money for a week. Forgiving someone should make you feel good because it’s the right thing to do. Don’t take advantage of it. 2. Nobody is perfect. Remind yourself of that next time someone asks for your forgiveness. 3. Don’t hold a grudge. The past is in the past, and bringing up old arguments will prevent you from moving on. 4. It’s not about being right. The important thing is to grow from the experience. 5. Learn to forgive, even when the other person isn’t sorry. It will help you feel better about the situation, and it will make you feel in control of your emotions.

We’re asking our readers:
1. What does Forgiveness mean to you?
2. How do you show forgiveness at home, in school, or in your community?

What forgiveness means to me to make up with someone if you get in a fight when someone steals your block.
Gavin, 6, OH

To me it is to not be nice to someone then you apologize. By working on being nice.
Logan, MA

It means if you do something to hurt someone else’s feelings and you say “sorry” then they could say “I forgive you” and that means they forgive you. Say if someone made me really really mad, then they come and ask me to play a game, then I would say yes to show them that I forgive them.
Caroline, 8, NH

Forgiveness means to me, if somebody hurts you, don’t get mad be calm. When you let it go and show others love to those who did you wrong.
Audrey, 8 , MS

Forgiveness means letting someone go about something wrong they did to you without seeking for revenge or gossiping behind their back. By forgiving my siblings and friends when they take or break something that is rightfully mine or they hurt me.
Abe, 9, KY

It means that someone is saying let’s be friends, and the past is the past. Being careful about your actions and words, and when something goes wrong, say sorry and make up for what you did.
Brody, 9, CA

Forgiveness means to let go of all things another person did and move forward. We show forgiveness by reuniting friendship or relationship with one another.
Deshaun, 12, MI

To me, it means to not still be mad at someone when they did something wrong. To not get mad, and not stay mad at someone but instead forgive them and everyone will feel better.
Lily, 9, UT