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September 20, 2018

Build a Better You Challenge: Nonviolence

Build A Better You Challenge: Nonviolence

This year, Fight For Life is excited to announce the “Build A Better You Challenge” that incorporates our Building Dreams program with Jack and Jill Magazine! In this new series, Marlin Jackson sets out the building blocks that students need in order to live the life they want. As someone who grew up in humble circumstances and was able to overcome a broken home and drug-fueled neighborhood, Marlin knows all about what it takes to fight for a better life.

In the fifth issue, Marlin teaches readers about the importance of nonviolence, sharing a personal story of growing up, Marlin learned to solve his problems through anger, aggression, and impulse. It had become his norm because of the environment he grew up in. Marlin shares, “Believing in these behaviors had me going down the wrong path as a kid. I found myself in multiple situations that could have led to a trip to juvenile detention.” When Marlin was 11, he moved in with his aunt and uncle which lead him on a different path. There, he learned to solve problems through peaceful behavior and thoughtful action.

We’re asking our readers 1. What does Nonviolence mean to you? and 2. How do you show Nonviolent at home, in school, or in your community?

Readers have a chance to win an NFL jersey of their choice and will automatically receive a signed photo from Marlin by reading the article, downloading the attached PDF and mailing the filled out essay questions to:
Jack and Jill
P.O. Box 88928
Indianapolis, IN 46208

Take a peek at our first issue below and subscribe to Jack and Jill Magazine right here.