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May 24, 2018

Build A Better You: Financial Literacy

This year, Fight For Life announced the “Build A Better You Challenge” with Jack and Jill Magazine. In this series, Marlin Jackson sets out the building blocks that students need in order to live the life they want. As someone who grew up in humble circumstances and was able to overcome a broken home and drug-fueled neighborhood, Marlin knows all about what it takes to fight for a better life. In this issue, Marlin teaches readers all about financial literacy and how important it is to save and spend your money responsibly.

This month, Coach Marlin shared his winning strategy on financial literacy:

1. Save, don’t spend all of your money at once.
2. Give back just as much as you save.
3. Plan ahead and make a budget if you want to buy something expensive.

Students from around the United States submitted their answers to our two questions on courage, and we’ve got the winning responses below. If your child would like to participate in our Build A Better You Challenge, head on over to this page to find out how they can win an autographed photo from Marlin Jackson and other prizes throughout the year!

  • What does Financial Literacy Mean to you?
  • How do you show Financial Literacy at home, in school, or in your community?

Means: Money is a tool. You need to know how to use a tool to keep from getting hurt.
Showing it: My piggybank money gets put into my savings account. So I do chores and recycle for money to put into my piggy bank so I can buy a car when I get my license.
-Erik Barnes, 7, Minnesota

Means: Financial Literacy means not spending your money all at once, but saving it.
Showing it: I save most of my money I get for my birthday or Christmas to buy something big. Sometimes I also put the money in my education fund.
– Amelia Bray, 9, North Carolina

Means It means to me how much someone is with money
Showing it: I do it at home by saving money. At school, I show it buy learning about money.
– Ella-Jane Cameron, 7, Missouri

Means: It means saving money and using it wisely
Showing it: I don’t waste it on what doesn’t matter
– Katherine Chiosie, 8, New York

Means: It means that I have to be responsible for my money and help others be too.
Showing it: At home I have a piggy bank so I can save my money. At school if someone gives me money I’ll give it back, and I’ll pay them if I owe them. In the community, if I have a lemonade stand I won’t just go out and spend it.
– Zaida Neson, 9 ¾, Wisconsin

Means: To me financial literacy mean to spend my money wisely and responsibly.
Showing it: I show this because when my family goes to the store I don’t spend my money on toys or things I don’t need. I save my money for the future or college.
– Audrey Ponton, 10, Florida

Means: It means saving up your money so you can use it in the future
Showing it: I collect all the money I have saved from my birthday and other holidays and put it in the bank so I can use it later, when I’m older.
– Hannah Shelley, 11, Illinois