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April 18, 2018

Build A Better You: Morals Responses

This year, Fight For Life announced the “Build A Better You Challenge” with Jack and Jill Magazine. In this series, Marlin Jackson sets out the building blocks that students need in order to live the life they want. As someone who grew up in humble circumstances and was able to overcome a broken home and drug-fueled neighborhood, Marlin knows all about what it takes to fight for a better life. In the second issue, Marlin teaches readers all about morals and how important it is to listen to your inner conscience despite negative surroundings.

This month, Coach Marlin shared his winning strategy on morals:
1. Be kind, not mean.
2. Be generous, not greedy.
3. Listen to your parents, don’t ignore them.
4. Take your time on homework, don’t wait until the last minute and then speed through it.
5. Tell the truth, don’t lie.

Students from around the United States submitted their answers to our two questions on courage, and we’ve got the winning responses below. If your child would like to participate in our Build A Better You Challenge, head on over to this page to find out how they can win an autographed photo from Marlin Jackson and and other prizes throughout the year!

  • What do morals mean to you?
  • How do you show morals at home, in school, or in your community?

Morals means knowing right from wrong so you have good choices. In order to show morals I be nice to new people, encouraging really nice people that can’t do anything without being afraid, and doing really nice things.
-Addie, 8, IN

Morals means to give to others more than myself. I draw pictures for others to make them happy.
-Lacy, 8, IN

Morals mean I know how to do the right thing at the right time. I show morals by acting mature in any situation.
-Anette, 9, VA

Knowing right from wrong even if your best friends do something wrong, do the right thing and tell an adult. One day at school, I stuck up for a first grader and said to the bully, “Do what’s right not wrong and you will get in less trouble,” and told the teacher he was bullying her.
-Ava, 8, PA

Doing what is right, no matter what the situation is. When my mom told me to practice violin, I did. Even though I heard the calls of my friends, I kept practicing.
-Lyra, 9, NY

Morals mean the lesson of a story. I show morals at school by following the rules. At home, I show morals by gettign compliments from my parents. In my community when I was kind.
-Mikael, 6, CA

Morals mean being responsible and respectful to set a good example. At home, I do my homework, help take care of my pets, and listen to my mom and dad. I also help my little sister. At school, I listen to my teacher, do my classwork, and I am kind to others. I am a good friend! In my community, I don’t litter and pick up trash. I also visit pets that are waiting to be adopted. I try my best to be a good citizen with excellent morals!
-Jules, 7, LA

A lesson especially one that is telling what is right. When I’m in school I help my friends with their work. Also I play with peope who don’t have any friends to play with.
-Zoe, 8, GA

To be kind and respectful. Sometimes my little sister can be annoying. But she often follows me around and wants my attention. I’d rather play with my friends without getting annoying at her.
-Joshua, 9, NY

Morals tell you what is right and wrong. I treat other people as they want to be treated. I am kind to people.
-Maizie, 8, OH