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August 09, 2018

Building A Better You: Trust Responses

This year, Fight For Life announced the “Build A Better You Challenge” with Jack and Jill Magazine. In this series, Marlin Jackson sets out the building blocks that students need in order to live the life they want. As someone who grew up in humble circumstances and was able to overcome a broken home and drug-fueled neighborhood, Marlin knows all about what it takes to fight for a better life.

In the fourth issue, Marlin teaches readers about the importance of trust: “I learned to trust in what people do and not in what they say. Actions always speak the loudest. Observing someone’s actions will show you their truth. It’s much safer believing in the honesty that you see consistently.”

Last month, we talk about trust. Specifically, Coach Marlin’s winning strategy for trust:
1. Keep promises to yourself and others.
2. Be open and honest with friends and family. It shows that you care and that they can confide in you.
3. When you mess up, admit it and apologize.

Students from around the United States submitted their answers to our two questions on trust, and we’ve got the winning responses below. If your child would like to participate in our Build A Better You Challenge, head on over to this page to find out how they can win an autographed photo from Marlin Jackson and other prizes throughout the year!

  • What does TRUST mean to you?
  • How do you show Trust at home, in school, or in your community?

Believing in another person and their reliability. I always try to trust everybody and I always try to be trustworthy. But sometimes it can be hard to trust people. People sometimes lie but I always try to see the best in people.
-Bailee Wollert, 11, PA

Trust means believing in someone to do something or keep a promise. I show trust by promising someone to do something and keeping that promise. By doing this, I am being trustworthy.
-Hannah Shelley, 11, IL

Telling the truth! I don’t lie to my friends or my teacher and my parents.
-Jennifer Poyer, 8, OH

Friendship sportsmanship – Giving the ball to them in football.
-Ryan Szaley, 7 NY

Trust is a valuable thing. By helping and trusting others, you can show you know how valuable trust is. Also, it means when you promise something to somebody you will keep your promise no matter what! I show trust at home by telling my parents or someone I trust, about anything they would need to know about my day and what happened.
-Gabrielle Newman, 9, AK

To have trust or faith in other people or you. Or having other people trusting you. My parents have trust in me to watch my sister and brother.
-Jaxton Fuerst, 10, OH

Trust to me is a feeling that I can be 100% sure of something. Some examples are: believing that someone won’t let you get hurt – like a trust fall; prayer helps me talk to God so I can trust Him with my worries; my dogs protect me and I trust them to keep me safe; I trust my family to love me through anything. I show trust by being kind to others. Some examples are: I keep my friends’ privacy; I don’t lie to my friends/family; I set a good example to my classmates; I volunteer at the Humane Society; I believe it is important to be trustworthy.
-Nathan Suydam, 8, WA

To know he/she will do it.
-Samual Lapp, 11, PA

I think that trust is being able to believe in somebody. I show trust by always telling the truth. I even tell the truth when I do not want to. I tell the truth so people believe in me.
-Kelsey Wildenberg, 8, WI

It means to me is to be kind and trust when your friend tells you a secret you. I should be kind and show respect clean up say good manners play with friends make people feel better don’t just ask to go home and have fun.
-Payton Shaw, 7, NY

Trust means to believe what someone says. I show trust when I tell the truth at home, school, and in my community.
-Addy Vrshek, 9, IN

To think I will be all right. And to think something nice will happen.
-Matthew Weaver, 9 PA

To always be able to believe in the person like your mom or dad. I show trust at my school by not lying to my friends and teachers.
-Leo Lundy, 9, ME

Trust is not to lie to someone. Help other people and to believe in other people.
-Chloe Elizabeth Robinson, 11, IN