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November 16, 2017

Building Dreams Bowl: The Final Issue

In 2017, Fight For Life Foundation has partnered with Saturday Evening Post to incorporate the Building Dreams program within their U.S. Kids Jack and Jill magazine. Jack and Jill magazine is a national children’s magazine for kids ages 6-12 that has over 40,000 subscribers. Each page is designed to spark a child’s curiosity through articles, games, and activities. Fight For Life has been  featured in a yearlong series that focused on how to build character through fun tips, activities, and stories.

Here’s what topics we learned about this year:

  • Jan/Feb – Love
  • March/April – Respect
  • May/June – Gratitude
  • July/Aug – Volunteerism
  • Sept/Oct – Perseverance
  • Nov/Dec – How all the topics come together to help you build your dreams!

All year readers have been able to participate in these stories by mailing in the clipboard section from the magazine with their responses to Marlin’s questions.

Prizes: All participants received an autographed picture of Marlin Jackson. One winner from each issue has been named by Coach Jackson to the 2017 Dream Team! Each member on this team will receive a swag bag containing a keychain, water bottle, and sunglasses.

Congratulations to the following kids: Zoe, 9, from Illinois – Lucille, 13, from Tennessee – Riley, 11, from California – Ruthie, 11, from Illinois – and Alyssa, 10, from California! 

Our Current Topic: In our November/December issue, we talk about how all of our previous topics come together to build a winning strategy for how to be successful in life. Marlin’s Motto: “Before I could give love, I had to learn respect. Finding respect for yourself and others creates gratitude…Giving and receiving are two powerful things. Finding my sense of volunteering came from being on the receiving end when I was growing up. Those same memories also drive my ability to persevere in the face of adversity.” His questions for readers: What is your dream? How will Coach Marlin’s winning strategies (love, respect, gratitude, perseverance, volunteering) help you build your dream?