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March 08, 2017

Building Dreams Students Respond to LOVE

In February, our Building Dreams scholars focused on the value of love thanks to our partnership with Jack and Jill Magazine. Marlin shared his motto on Love and asked students to respond. Check out some of the answers from our students below!

If your child wants to get involved in our #BuildingDreamsBowl, head on over to this page to read more information, like how they can win an autograph from Marlin Jackson, and be entered to win an NFL Jersey of their choice!

  • What does love mean to you?
  • How do you show love at home, at school, or in your community?

Love means that you like someone or something a lot. It is also being kind. I cheer up my friends when they are sad. I treat my friends and family the way I want to be treated, and I give my mom and dad and sister and brothers hugs.” -Zoe, 9, Bloomington, IL

It means more than words. It is special to you and others. I tell them I love them. I make my teacher sweets, and I do not tell them untrue stuff about my feelings.” -Jordan, 8, Panama City, FL

Love means to care about someone and help them! I show love when I help the poor! I have a dog biscuit business to raise money for the poor in Nicaragua! I am building homes!” -Lauren, 11, Dodge City, KA

Love is kindness, it is to show effection and most importantly, to keep the golden rule close to you. I show love by helping anyone in need and actively listening to anyone who talks to me. I show love by being nice to everyone even if I am not very fond of them.” -Annabelle, 11, Glen, NH

Caring, loving, and hope. Cleaning, helping other people, holding the door for people.” -Paisley, 7, Hissins, TX

It means what the most important things in the world are to you. I help others out, and those who are less fortunate than myself.” -Jimmy, 10, West Des Moines, IA