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October 19, 2017

Building Dreams Students Respond to Perseverance

At the beginning of the year we announced a partnership with Jack and Jill Magazine that allows us to reach kids across the whole United States. Fight For Life Foundation has been featured in their magazine bi-monthly to talk about different topics like love, gratitude, and respect that are vital to childrens’ behavior. Throughout each issue, Marlin talks about how the specific topics have affected his life and asks readers questions to apply to their own lives.

During September and October, Marlin talked about perseverance. He shared a story with readers about the time he broke his wrist and had to sit out his entire eighth grade football season. Because of this setback, Marlin learned how pushing past the obstacles in life can lead to even greater opportunities as he went on to play varsity football.

Check out some of the answers from our students across the nation below!

There’s one more issue of Jack and Jill magazine left for the year. In November and December we’ll rap up how each of the topics are important to continuously teach your children and practice at home. If your child wants to get involved in our #BuildingDreamsBowl, head on over to this page to read more information.

  • How do you show perseverance? 
  • Why is showing perseverance important? 

I practice with my team but we never win. I practice perseverance because I want to improve to succeed.  -Kade, 7, KY

I don’t give up when I try to do something, and I always feel excited when it is complete. I think it’s important because if you give up on it you might try to learn something harder and give up on it too. -Erika, 9, NE

I show perseverance to not give up. It’s important to demonstrate your strength and to prove your capability. -Tristan, 6, NY

I show perseverance by telling myself when I don’t get it on the first try: ‘I will not give up.’ Because if you give up you could miss a once in a lifetime opportunity. Plus, showing perseverance means you are willing to try again. -Audrey, 9, TX

I try to help when my sisters get into tough times. When I get into tough times like these I ask myself what do I do? Because if you keep trying you might just achieve it! -Shiloh, 7, KS

You show perseverance when you overcome fears when you’re trying to do a goal. And then to reach the end by believing in yourself and not giving up. Because think about the opposite what would it be like if Obama had no perseverance? He wouldn’t have been president. He would give up and be negative. -Lucìa, 11, MN

I show perseverance by working hard at everything and never giving up, even when I think my work is too hard for me. It may be a challenge, but I can do it if I try my best. It’s important to show perseverance because if you give up and say your work is “too hard” you will never be successful. But if you work hard and keep trying you will get better at it and you will gradually start to understand the subject more. Dr. Seuss didn’t get his first book published in a day. Nobody thought it was good enough! But he didn’t give up. He kept trying. And when it finally got published, it was a hit! So I should remember this when I feel like giving up, and know it is better to “try, try again.” -Alyssa, 10, CA