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August 23, 2017

Building Dreams Students Respond to Volunteerism

Through our partnership with Jack and Jill Magazine our Building Dreams scholars have been focusing on volunteering during the months of July and August. Marlin talked about how volunteering made a difference in his life, as he was often impacted by gifts and acts of service while growing up in a poor home situation. We challenged our students and readers to share with us how and why they volunteer.

Check out some of the answers from our students below!

If your child wants to get involved in our #BuildingDreamsBowl, head on over to this page to read more information, like how they can win an autograph from Marlin Jackson, and be entered to win an NFL Jersey of their choice!

  • Where do you volunteer?
  • Why do you volunteer?

I volunteer at Lapeer Community Park. I think volunteering for places is a very nice thing to do for the local/state/national government than making other people do it.  -Emma, 9, MI

I volunteer in different places like at school and at home. I like volunteering. I volunteer because if no one volunteers someone might get to choose, or I volunteer if I like what I’m volunteering for. -Samantha, 9, KS

I volunteer at my house and make cards and fundraisers for the people in the hospital. I volunteer because I did it once and it made my friends in the hospital very happy – we are going to donate the money. -Taylor, 8, MA

I volunteer at a public library to help out the librarians with any special programs that are going on. I volunteer to help out the librarians so that they don’t have as much work to do. I like volunteering because it makes me feel good because I know that I am helping someone. -Ruthie, 11, IL

I volunteer at a place called Star of Hope. Here we serve food to people who need it. I volunteer because people need me. Because people need help. -Mattie, 8, TX

At a hospital because I want to make a change in people’s health. I love my fellow elderly citizens because they are sweet and it makes my day seeing them smile. -Ava, 10, TN

I volunteer at the Dream Team Foundation. I volunteer to help people in my community to have a better life. -Aniya, 10, NC

I volunteer at the Monterey Bay Charter Kindergarten. I volunteer because the school needs more teachers so I help until they find a teacher. -Emma, 9, CA

I volunteer by helping my grandparents on the farm. I try to tell them not to pay me. I really mean it, but they pay me anyway. Plus, they are my grandparents. I also go to local laundromats and give out money and Christian tracts that will help lead people to Christ. I volunteer because it is the right thing to do. If I have the time and ability, what holds me back from doing it? -Will, 10, AL

I volunteer at the local food bank. I want those people who are less fortunate and need help to get what they are missing in their life. Even though I don’t know them, they are very important. -Kathryn, 10, DE

I volunteer at my church. I volunteer because I like helping other people and it’s fun helping other people. -Khloe, 8, OH