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May 19, 2017

Coding4Kindness Recap

Last month, our team met with developers at Salesforce for their 12-hour hackathon, Coding4Kindness. Thanks to their team we were able to make a number of improvments to our website and plan for future processes that will enable Fight for Life to effectively and proficiently operate and conduct business matters.

Here’s a recap of what improvements we’ve made thanks to the individuals at Salesforce:

1. Made progress to automating our licensing flow so that schools who are a part of our Building Dreams program can quickly get the books they need by ordering through Amazon. This system spells out exactly what books are needed for each curriculum and fills the cart with the appropriate books for each curriculum.

2. Changed Fightforlifefoundation.org Interface by adding the following:

  • Created a page that allows visitors to see annual events under the events tab
  • Created new donation page copy that explains what each donation goes towards
  • Added an RSVP page so that volunteers and guests can RSVP to events with ease
  • Updated Parents & Students page to include videos from the Fight For Life YouTube page

3. The Salesforce team helped us in making progress towards our goal of creating a mobile app that will allow teachers, students, and parents to access the Building Dreams program from wherever they go! The app will easily communicate each student’s progress in the Building Dreams program.

Special thank you to Salesforce AgileForce and their teams for helping us to improve our methods of communication. We can’t wait to share more!