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August 09, 2017

FFL Partners with Community Solutions Inc.

There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes here at Fight For Life Foundation that you might not know. It takes many bodies and a lot of moving parts in order to ensure that each of our goals is on track. Part of the way that Fight For Life Foundation is able to teach social emotional learning principals in schools and put on youth football camps is through fundraising and grants. At the beginning of the year, we touched on some of our main goals for 2017 and one of the biggest was expanding our Building Dreams program to more schools.

Thanks to Community Solutions Inc., Fight For Life Foundation will begin the process of seeking new grants in order to supplement school cost for our Building Dreams program. Community Solutions Inc. is a community development consulting firm that is rooted in Indianapolis and impacts diverse communities by giving organizations and individuals the tools that they need to be successful. Their commitment is “to assist members of diverse communities—both physical places and thematic organizations—in learning how to improve themselves and their work through collaborative problem solving, grassroots involvement, and individual responsibility.”

“CSI believes that our mission is to support organizations who are having an impact on children and families to be as strong as they can be.  CSI believes that FFLF has done a tremendous job developing the services that they deliver to have a positive impact on youth and families.  We believe that we can help FFLF expand to impact even more youth and families.”

-President & Founder, Lena Hackett, M.P.H. 

We could not be more excited to utilize their expertise in community development in order to continue expanding our programs and teaching more children how to become successful contributors to our society.