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January 12, 2022

FFLF Snapshot


What we are: 

A SaaS non-profit agency that focuses on behavioral health to improve student, school, and societal outcomes.


Our Mission:

Is to help underserved youth develop the Social Emotional qualities that are needed for success.


What we do:

Equip administrators with a system that provides the data they need to support their teachers and students. 

Support educators by providing resources that improve classroom management and student behavioral issues. 

Engage students & parents in a fun gamified program that rewards responsible decision making and helps meet their needs.


How we do it:  

Simple/easy-to-understand data dashboard.

Timely + simple automation notifications

Engaging Gamification 

Who we impact: 





Social Service Providers

Healthcare providers

Workforce Development 


Biggest Contribution we make: 

We use SEL to Build Stronger Classrooms & Create Healthier Schools 

SEL+ Equip/Support/Engage 

We are innovating how students are holistically supported to increase classroom engagement,  improve academic performance and identify needed resources to best support each student. 

We provide a framework and the technology to influence environments in 3 ways: 


Awareness – we make admins and teachers aware of positive, negative, and concerning issues occurring in the classrooms. 

Consideration – Their awareness allows them to discern which policies, procedures or intervention strategies they will utilize in classrooms. 

Informed Decision Making – Easy to interpret visual data analytics that allow admins to make effective decisions. 


Biggest Strength/Competitive advantage we have:

“Quantifying the Qualitative”

We provide an all-in-one solution for sites that seamlessly integrates behavior management, PBIS, MTSS, data, meaningful analytics and communication. We provide a systemic level impact by engaging & connecting all stakeholders (admins/teachers/students/guardians/service providers/community partners).