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August 03, 2016

Fight for Life Partners with Alliance Financial Services

Alliance Financial Services (AFS) is an Indiana-based corporation that serves business merchants nationwide. They provide clients with merchant services products—including credit and debit card processing, check guarantee programs, gift cards, and loyalty cards—as well as Internet payment gateways. Fight for Life and Alliance Financial will collaborate through their Giving Back Program.

Many non-profits rely on standard fundraising efforts to secure their revenue every year. With Alliance Financial Services and our Giving Back Program, there’s a better way to both raise community awareness of your cause, and secure your necessary resources (Cash) month-to-month. Their innovative Giving Back Program offers merchants a new way to engage with their customers and charitable organizations. For every merchant in the Giving Back Program, AFS pledges a portion of their own proceeds to their clients’ favorite non-profits.

The win-win for Fight for Life supporters

  • All businesses need payment processing
  • If you own a business and engage with FFL—this is a new way to support your favorite mission while handling one of your most important day-to-day business tasks– payment processing
  • It’s a win-win
  • You do buisness (Payment procesing),while suppoting your favorite cause at the same time (portion of processing fees comeback to FFL)

If you’re interested just “Click Here”