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July 12, 2018

Community Solutions Partners With Fight For Life on Business Plan

Recently we worked with Community Solutions to strategically develop and plan out a new three-year business plan for the Fight for Life Foundation. Like any good organization, we are evolving and we need to ensure that we are always prepared to serve the youth of our communities. Being able to help the deserving but underserved youth so they have a fighting chance is what drives us here at the Fight for Life Foundation.

We have identified 6 areas of focus to ensure that we continue to grow and meet the need of the youth and families we serve. Please take a look:

6 Areas of Focus

1. Expand the Use of Building Dreams Curriculum
The goal is to increase the number of schools that use the Building Dream curriculum. We have set specific goals through 2021 along with action steps to achieve these objectives.
2. Increase Participation of Building Dreams Students in the Be A Blessing Program
We have identified the action steps and target numbers for each year through 2021 to achieve the goals we have set.
3. Develop Seal the Deal as a “Booster” for Building Dreams Participants
The goal is to prioritize and recruit Seal the Deal participants from the Building Dreams participants. We have set percentage growth objectives through 2021.
4. Develop a Strong FFLF Board of Directors with the Skills and Tools Necessary to Develop/Sustain the Organization
The goal is to assess the needs of the Fight for Life Foundation and ensure that the board members have the skillset and drive to serve and help the organization achieve its objectives and to develop a recruitment plan for future board needs.
5. Ensure that FFLF has the Staff/Volunteer Structure to be Successful
The goal is to develop a staffing plan for both staff and volunteer positions to ensure we can execute on the programs we provide.
6. Ensure that FFLF is Financially Stable
The objective is to develop an annual budget based in programmatic goals for 2017-18 and update annually. Action steps have been identified to ensure we meet our budgetary needs.

We are excited about the direction that the Fight for Life Foundation is going. If you would like to help support our Foundation and the kids we serve, please contact us!