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July 25, 2017

Back to School with Social Emotional Learning

The dog days of Summer are coming to an end and so have our Seal the Deal camps. As an organization, Seal the Deal helps us to accomplish two of our main goals: 1. To get kids moving and 2. To introduce them to social emotional learning. You see this through our football skills and drills as well as our character building lessons. This year, we were able to impact hundreds of students in both the Indianapolis and Sharon, Pennsylvania communities by teaching them not only how to improve their football skills, but also how to be a good team player and to practice discipline.

Click here to watch our 2017 Seal the Deal recap video!

Now as we look to the months of August and September it’s time to shift gears to our primary program: Building Dreams. Our goal is to carry over these same lessons that were introduced through Seal the Deal and to build on them throughout the school year. In case you’re new to Fight For Life, social emotional learning is at the core of each of our programs.


Social and emotional learning is the process through which people acquire and apply the knowledge and skills necessary to manage emotions, effectively communicate, set and achieve goals, feel empathy for others, establish and maintain relationships, and make good decisions.

This school year, we’ll utilize both education and social emotional learning to develop skills that might otherwise be missing in underserved youth. Skills like responsibility, perserverence, volunteerism, financial literacy, and developing dreams and goals are our priority in building dreams.

At our building dreams schools, students get a 15-20 minute lesson each day taught by their teacher which takes them through these core skills and allows them to think strategically and creatively. Lessons range from reading and writing to art and speaking. Our goal is that each building dreams student would come away from their school year with the tools needed to propel them into successful and thriving members of our community.

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