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January 24, 2018

Goal Setting in 2018

Last year, we shared with you our top goals and objectives for the upcoming year. As an organization, it’s important for us to share what we’re working on not only so that our partners and followers can hear, but also for us to use as a checkpoint throughout the year. As part of our Building Dreams program, we teach our students to set goals for themselves. Whether they’re big or small, it’s important that Fight For Life set an example for our students by sharing how we’re in the work of goal-setting and planning for the year ahead.

If your new to Fight For Life, we exist to serve underserved youth in our communities through a curriculum based on Social Emotional Learning called Building Dreams. We also encourage kids to get active through our Seal the Deal Football Camps, and teach them to become responsible adults in our R.A.P. program. By exposing children to learning environments that reinforce positive behavior both inside and outside of the classroom, we fill a gap that is often void in their lives.

Fight For Life was thrilled with the progress that we made last year from both a development and impact standpoint. We were able to expand our Building Dreams program, spread cheer and joy to thousands of underserved youth in Indianapolis and Sharon, Pennsylvania, and we even expanded our reach across the United States through our partnership with Jack and Jill Magazine.

As we look forward to 2018, our priority remains to impact as many children as possible by giving them the tools that they need to become successful adults. We’re also aiming to further develop from an organizational standpoint through the help of Community Solutions.

Take a peek at our main goals for 2018:

1. Increase the number of schools utilizing the Building Dreams program from six to ten by expanding our partnership with IPS and local township school districts.

2. Continue developing our Building Dreams Mobile App and refine program assessment tools with a strategic partner. This will allow teachers, students, and parents to all stay connected about a student’s progress in the program and will increase program effectiveness.

3. Organize our business infrastructure through the help of Community Solutions by completing strategic planning, developing our board, and establishing our staffing capacity.

4. To increase the number of youth participating in regular physical activity and character development activities while improving athletic skills from 320 to 500 in 2018–a 56% increase.

5. Impact the lives of 5,000 youth by improving academic performance, attidues and behaviors, and reducing emotional stress through each of our programs.

By continuing to develop strong community relationships and with the help of our corporate partners, we can continue to set local school administrators, teachers, and parents up for success so that the next generation in Indianapolis and beyond will become adults that contribute in a positive way.

Here’s to 2018!