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July 12, 2018

Marlin Jackson’s Forever Moment Lives With Him, And With Indianapolis, All These Years Later

Source: wthr.com | Re-Post Fight for Life 7/12/2018 –

With 1:02 left in the greatest game the Indianapolis Colts ever played, Joseph Addai followed an epic Jeff Saturday block through the middle of the Patriots’ line, dancing unencumbered into the end zone to give the Colts a 38-34 lead in the 2006 AFC Championship Game.

But there was a problem. Actually, there were two problems. One problem was time; there were 54 seconds remaining, a lifetime worth of football game. The second problem was Tom Brady, who had set up shop inside the Colts’ heads throughout his first-ballot Hall of Fame career. How many times had Brady and the dynastic Patriots ripped the Colts’ hearts out of their chests over the years? And now, it looked like it might happen again.

New England took over at the 21-yard line, and after an incompletion, Brady hit Ben Watson for 19 yards and then Heath Evans for 15 yards, and you could almost hear the nervous muttering inside the RCA Dome. Not again. Now the Patriots were setting up shop at the Colts’ 45, 24 interminable seconds left, when Brady and the Patriots went back to work after a timeout.

And then came the play that will almost surely earn the top spot in the Colts’ pantheon of great plays, a moment that will, without question, be voted upon by Colts fans as the most memorable moment of the Colts’ 35-year-long run in Indianapolis.

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