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February 11, 2019

Meet Bwana Clements – New Program Director

Take a moment to welcome Bwana Clements to the Fight for Life team as our new Program Director!

His leadership as Program Director is going to integrate clinical support into the Building Dreams system. Here are some specifics around Bwana’s role:

– Partner Communications and Relations: serve as the primary operational point-of-contact for building key components for development, implementation, and management of the Building Dreams program. This includes weekly school leader meetings, school observations, provide class support-In class lessons, provide teacher and student support. Manage school celebrations

-Directing Implementation: work with program managers, staff members, and volunteers to ensure program components are implemented as intended

Bwana Clements is a Social Entrepreneur, specializing in hard to reach populations, program development, school culture, and professional coaching. In his spare time, he likes to indulge in his personal Vinyl record collection, home remodeling and working out.

When asked what does Fight for life means to him, this is his response.

“Fight for life is a great name for this organization. It signifies the importance of being prepared for and having a strategy for battling for your own success. Most of the time we don’t actually sit in and reflect on the things we do each day that are used as tomorrow’s foundation for success. We spend a lot of time reflecting on our mistakes and challenges hoping to avoid them in the future. However, if we spent more time preparing, planning, strategizing for the future we would be increasingly more successful. Our lives are worth fighting for. You can only be successful in a fight when you have a plan. This organization is about teaching young people how to think critically about their choices. This organization is about coaching professionals whether they be teachers, coaches, social workers, school leaders, etc. how to engage with our youth and their families in a way that helps identify options for them and coaches them to select the best option for their individual lives. ”

The Fight for Life Foundation welcomes Bwana Clements to the Fight for Life team!