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January 16, 2020

Planning For The Year Ahead

The overarching goal of FFLF is to develop within underserved youth the social and emotional capabilities needed to build healthy families, communities, and contribute to the economy in a positive way. By partnering with school systems and structured summer programs, we implement comprehensive programming that not only improves the educational skills of K-12 students but also develops their social and self-awareness capabilities. We want to positively affect the way students think, feel, and act.



There are a number of things we plan to focus on in 2020 in the areas of Program Development and Program Management that will help us advance our mission in helping our youth.

In the area of Program Development:

  • We plan to build the 3.0 version of the Building Dreams Positive Behavioral Intervention System
  • Expand our SEL curriculum – Add two new segments. Building Dreams “My Mind” and Building Dreams “My Feelings”

In the area of Program Management:

  • Improve our program relations by developing our program partner communications and relations management strategy

In the area of Business Development:

  • Develop new strategic partners
  • Establish new funding sources

If you would like to know more about Fight for Life and our mission, please contact us below. We would love to share more about the impact the Fight for Life is having on our youth and our community!