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March 28, 2017

Programs 101

Now that we’ve shared more about our mission and goals, we’re excited to talk about the specific programs that Fight For Life Foundation offers and ways you can get involved.

The core foundation that each of our programs is built on is called Social Emotional Learning.


Social and emotional learning is the process through which people acquire and apply the knowledge and skills necessary to manage emotions, effectively communicate, set and achieve goals, feel empathy for others, establish and maintain relationships, and make good decisions.

Primary Program: Building Dreams  

Building Dreams is an in-school and after-school program for grades Pre-K to 8th grade. It utilizes both education and social emotional learning to develop skills that might otherwise be missing in underserved youth. Building Dreams incorporates classroom activities focused on understanding various emotions through assigned reading, reflective activities and group sharing.

To find out more information, like how you can get Building Dreams in your school, click here



Secondary Program: Seal the Deal

Seal the Deal is a summer recreational activity for children ages 7-14 (grades 3-8) that focuses on physical wellness and social development consisting of a two day youth football camp and a one day flag football tournament. Not only do Seal the Deal campers benefit from physical activity and social development, but our Seal the Deal high school coaches do as well. High School coaches complete leadership training prior to camp and get to put those skills to work during camp.

Click here to find out more info about Seal the Deal and how you can sign your child up! 



Secondary Program: RAP (Reach out and Access your Peers)

RAP is an in-school or after-school program that provides workshop, team building, and leadership development activities for grades 9-12. It is built upon self-reflection through music interpretation in order to reach self-actualization. Participants learn to recognize and understand the symptoms of the hardships and challenges that they may experience in life and thereby learn the self-control necessary to react in healthier ways. RAP utilizes education, music, and social emotional learning.

Each of our Seal the Deal high school coaches goes through the RAP program in order to learn key leadership skills that they will put into practice during camp.

To learn more about our RAP program, click here



Secondary Program: Be A Blessing

Be A Blessing is an event and grant-based program that utilizes incentive based experiential learning to support families with students who have participated in one of our programs who might need extra help during their time of need.

In 2016, Fight For Life was able to serve over 800 children in the Indianapolis and Sharon, Pennsylvania areas through our Christmas parties at Phalen Leadership Academy and Musser Elementary field trip!

To volunteer for our Be A Blessing program or to find out more info, click here