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June 07, 2017

Recap: Seal the Deal Indy

What a successful weekend it was!

Fight For Life Foundation is so pleased with how our Seal the Deal Indianapolis camp went this past weekend. We definitely couldn’t have done it without the help of all of our coaches, volunteers, staff members, and sponsors. Here’s a recap of what our campers experienced this weekend:


Huddle Up

Campers got checked in, received their new Seal the Deal T-shirts, and found their fellow age group campers. They met their coaches who were comprised of volunteers from IPS Schools and current varsity athletes. Campers then got to meet our Founder/President Marlin Jackson, who spoke to the kids about his background in professional football and his upbringing. Marlin talked about the importance of having respect for our peers, practicing teamwork, and giving it our all in everything we do.


Practice Makes Perfect

From there, campers went through mulitple different drills and obstacle courses that would allow coaches to evaluate and offer directon on form and technique. Throwing, catching, and footwork drills were the name of the game on Saturday. Campers also worked on speed and agility through fun and competitive games with their peers.


Time Out

After spending time in the sunshine, campers got to refuel with snacks indoors and listen to Coach Marlin talk about character development. Each age group was split and focused on different areas of character development through question and answer sessions. Some of our camp counselors also got to share their experiences with learning how to be a team player, and setting positive goals for themselves. Campers were asked to evaluate their dreams and goals and think of what steps would need to be taken in the future in order to reach those goals.


Let’s Play

After break, campers got to learn about real game scenarios including different positions, lineups, and game rules. They practiced different positions and were able to get a couple of games in before breaking for the day. Thanks to Papa Johns, everyone had full stomachs before heading home for the night!


Day Two

The second day of Seal the Deal was all about the games! Once campers were signed in and suited up with a fresh new T-shirt, they were asked to get in teams. Each age group had multiple teams that would play one another for the chance to play a game at the Indianapolis Colts practice facility. The top two teams from each age group will play a game at the Colts practice facility, and the winner of each age group will get a gaming party at the Microsoft Store! Needless to say, there was a lot on the line on day two. We heard so many cheers, saw huge smiles, and felt the excitement as the campers brought out their competitive spirits.


Team Meeting

Once again, campers received a snack to recharge and focus on the other side of football: respect and teamwork. Coach Marlin kept the group together on day two and focused on what it means to be a good listener and to give respect to others. He talked about the importance of the impressions we make on others, and how to create and maintain positive relationships with others. Some of our older campers and coaches got to share what respect means to them, and what they’ve learned through Fight For Life programs. These kids are learning how to become role models in their communities, and we have no doubt that they will continue to shine long after camp is over.


And the winner is…

After break, teams got their last few games in and the stakes were high! There was so much energy and excitement on each field, but nothing compared to the sportsmanship that was displayed as well. Winning teams consoling the defeated, and campers helping one another up after a hard play were moments that we strive to create. At the end of camp, we celebrated the campers who showed excellent characteristics throughout camp like respect, patience, kindness, and leadership. Thanks to our sponsors, we were able to give away cleats, gloves, and pads to campers that coaches nominated based on behavior and effort. We also had two campers win xbox live gaming consols.

Overall, camp was a huge success and we hope that each camper will continue to take the skills that they learned on to their future football careers and in their school and workplaces as well. We can’t wait to see some more of them at the Colts Practice Facility in July!


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