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February 17, 2021

Social Entrepreneur Marlin Jackso‪n‬ – Finding Joy With Kara

Fight for Life, Indianapolis, INKara is a born storyteller who loves sharing inspiring stories. She has contributed 1000+ personal interest articles, op-eds, and features on fascinating people to local and national magazines and news outlets.

In addition to storytelling and public relations, she consults on strategic storytelling concepts to humanize businesses and facilitate amazing results.

Kara’s debut memoir, Finding Joy, is a love story about her painful journey of healing from narcissistic abuse and discovering that you are never too old for love.

Marlin recently was featured on the podcast “Finding Joy With Kara” where he talks about the different programs he has created utilizing social-emotional learning (SEL) through his Fight for Life Foundation.

In this interview, Marlin shares his story with unabashed vulnerability, which is so refreshing since he’s an all-around badass athlete. Kara after the interview believes the Fight for Life modules should be taught in every school across the country, regardless of socioeconomic circumstances.

Enjoy the podcast with Kara and Marlin!