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June 02, 2017

Sponsor Spotlight: Microsoft


Fight For Life Foundation is proud to be sponsored by many organizations, both in the Indianapolis community and beyond. The organizations that support our foundation and mission are critical in allowing us to run each our four programs: Building Dreams, Seal the Deal, RAP, and Be A Blessing. Without them, we would not have been able to reach the over 3,000 children that we did last year alone.

One of the organizations that has supported Fight For Life since 2013 is Microsoft. Microsoft has played a pivitol role in giving our students access to new and innovative technology, leadership and goal setting workshops, and fun gaming hangouts at their store in Indianapolis. Here’s a little more about our beloved partnership:

How did Microsoft get involved with FFL? 

Microsoft opened their doors in the Keystone Mall in 2013 and volunteered at Fight For Life’s Seal the Deal Youth Football camp as a staff. They were a part of the registration process and getting all of the camp materials set up for the weekend.

What’s the mission of Microsoft?

The mission of Microsoft is to enable everyone on the planet to achieve more. They’re doing this with Fight For Life by allowing us to teach important traits and tools like goal setting, discipline, and financial literacy to underserved youth.

Why did Microsoft choose Fight For Life?

Microfosft believes that the skills that are being taught by FFL are critical to success. It is important that the students learn these skills at a young age so that they can succeed when they’re older.

What impact do they hope to see come from their sponsorship?  

We would love to see that the kids are learning and having fun. Any time we can partner with Fight For Life for new events like Seal the Deal, we’re really excited to do so.

Thank you to Microsoft for your sponsorship – we can’t wait to continue to help underserved youth fight for a better life with you!