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May 14, 2020

Thank You CICF and C-CERF For Your Donation


The Fight for Life Foundation has recently received funding from C-CERF and CICF. What is C-CERF? The Central Indiana COVID-19 Community Economic Relief Fund (C-CERF) is a community fund established by founding partners Lilly Endowment Inc., Central Indiana Community Foundation, Eli Lilly and Company Foundation, Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust, Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation and United Way of Central Indiana to support human services organizations and the individuals and families they serve who are affected directly and indirectly by the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis.

With contributions of $20,000 (C-CERF) and $30,000 (CICF), the Fight for Life Foundation is equipped to continue serving underserved students and their families through Social Emotional Learning and providing COVID-19 relief resources. We will begin our COVID-Relief efforts by serving 6 families at IPS 99 and 6 families at IPS 105. The following resources will be provided: 1 Chromebook tablet per family, 1 Wifi hotspot with free high-speed internet to support 10 devices, 10 Lyft rides per family to local food banks.

If you’d like to help us be a part of the solution during COVID-19 for the students and families – please consider making a donation. The resource package we are offering costs $860 per family, the package includes technology, internet access for one year, and transportation to secure food.

We hope you’ll consider joining the COVID-19 Relief Fight with the Fight for Life Foundation. Together we can meet the needs of under-resourced families during this pandemic.