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August 05, 2021

The Fight for Life Foundation is Proud to Announce Our New Partnership with Dr. Azure Angelov PhD and The Paramount Health Data Project

Fight for Life, Indianapolis, IN

We will begin working together to establish Fight for Life’s program evidence base and partner with the Paramount Health Data Project (PHDP) to specifically build out our data collection specific to school nurse visits. PHDP is a national expert in the area of school health data. They are the first in the country to directly align academic achievement with student health outcomes (https://fox59.com/indianapolitics/indiana-schools-eligible-to-receive-federal-funds-for-school-based-health-care/). The Paramount Health Data Project is approved by the Indiana Department of Education as an evidence-based best practice (https://healthdataproject.org/).

FFLF and PHDP share a mission and passion for strong research within educational contexts and better understanding the social determinants of health. This work would allow FFLF to be the first educational SaaS platform in the country to partner with PHDP and provide families data from the school nurses’ office in real-time. As families struggle to send their children back to the school after the COVID-19 pandemic, creating strong communication links between schools and families is critical.

We recently applied for joint funding from the United Way Social Innovation Fund: $100,000 to offer Building Dreams to schools for free for the 2021-22 school year $50,000 for PHDP to design our school nurse indicators, build out our research base, and support FFLF earning IDOE approval.