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May 18, 2016

The Importance Of Teaching Kids Self-Discipline

Kid Discipline 300 wideYour discipline tactics shouldn’t be about controlling your child. Instead, discipline should be about teaching your child how to control himself. Kids who learn self-discipline will be better equipped to face life’s challenges, manage stress, and make healthy choices even when you’re not around.

What Self-Discipline Means
Just because a child is well-behaved, it doesn’t necessarily mean he has self-discipline.

Self-disciplined kids can choose to forgo immediate gratification. They can make good choices regardless of how they feel.

Kids who have self-discipline can cope with uncomfortable emotions in a healthy way. They’ve learned anger management skills and are able to control impulsive behavior. They can respond respectfully when adults correct them and they can take responsibility for their behavior.

They’ve also learned to make healthy choices for themselves based on weighing the pros and cons of their choices. Instead of saying, “I have to do this because my parents said so,” they recognize the importance of making healthy choices. They can make good decisions in terms of chores, homework, money, peer pressure and self-care.

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