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June 02, 2016

Tweens and Teens and Conflict Resolution

Resolution-Skills-For-Teenagers 300 wideCoping and managing conflict is one of the most important lessons your children will ever learn. All day long, children confront conflict — they disagree with their parents, their siblings, their friends, their teachers — so it is impossible to protect them from it… but you can help them learn how to deal with it.

It is imperative to teach your child how to live well with others. Thus, conflict resolution is both a positive and often successful approach for the child who masters it. Not only will he get along better with others, but he will feel better about himself, while gaining a certain sense of control over himself and his environment.

Adults do many things to cope with conflict. However, your child will take his lead from you… his parent. When your child is little, his problems seem more contained, but as he moves into his tweens and teens, his problems loom large and can lead to emotional issues, such as eating disorders, depression, aggression and suicide. Therefore, teaching conflict resolution is part of your child’s emotional development. Giving your child the skills to get along in society gives him the tools to successfully relate to others. This builds confidence, competence and self-esteem.

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Orig Source www.huffingtonpost.com | Re-Post Fight For Life 6/2/2016