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April 05, 2018

Why We RAP

Each year, Fight For Life Foundation strives to teach core values through physical activity. This takes shape in the form of our Seal the Deal Youth Football Camp where children from the inner city in both Indianapolis and Sharon, Pennsylvania come to develop their football skills as well as learn lessons taught through team sports. But what many people don’t know is that Fight For Life Foundation also focuses on investing in the high school students who serve as our camp counselors through a program that we like to call “RAP.”

What does RAP stand for? It stands for Reach out and Access your Peers. The most important thing our youth can do, and often times the hardest, is to speak up about not so great things that have happened to them.

How does it work? RAP is an after school program that meets once per week for six weeks leading up to our Seal the Deal camp. High School football players from around the Indianapolis Public Schools system meet with Marlin Jackson where they learn from his story and gain access to his knowledge in changing your life circumstances.

Why RAP? We recognize that music is a prominent method to reach high school youth, and it’s also a tool for sharing your emotions, feelings, and struggles. Utilizing music interpretation, student athletes learn to recognize and understand the symptoms of the hardships and challenges that they may experience in life and thereby learn the self-control necessary to react in healthier ways. They break down lyrics and digest current issues while learning how to relate it to their own life story.

At the core of it all is our foundation of social emotional learning. When these students learn core social emotional skills like self-awareness, social awareness, and relationship skills, they learn how to better articulate their needs and goals in life. It is in speaking their truth and reaching out to others that they can connect with and learn to trust other people. We believe that developing greater self-actualization is the essential ingredient for developing leadership abilities, resilience, and healing in our “at-risk” youth.

To learn more about our RAP program and how you can get involved, click here.