Fight for Life, Indianapolis, IN
July 29, 2021

Preparing Students for a Safe Return to School During COVID-19

Source: NYU Langone Health | Repost Fight for Life Foundation 7/29/2021 -As some schools reopen for in-person learning, parents are facing a whole new back-to-school to-do list. This includes teaching children how to reduce the risk of contracting 2019 coronavirus disease (COVID-19), adapt to new routines, handle awkward and potentially…

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July 23, 2020

Returning To School During COVID-19

Source: healthychildren.org | Repost Fight for Life Foundation 7/23/2020 -A big question parents have right now is how students can go back to school safely during COVID-19. The latest American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) advice says children learn best when they are in school. However, returning to school in person…

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July 22, 2020

Talking with children about Coronavirus Disease 2019

Source: CDC | Repost Fight for Life Foundation 7/22/2020CDC has created recommendations to help adults have conversations with children about COVID-19 and ways they can avoid getting and spreading the disease.Children may worry about themselves, their family, and friends getting ill with COVID-19. Parents, family members, school staff, and other…

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