Kids Dreaming


February 07, 2018

How Martin Luther King Influences Our Dreams

Every February we celebrate Black History Month and in doing so, we celebrate the great African Americans in our history who fought for equality and change. While there are many stories of advocacy, risk-taking, and empowerment, perhaps none are more widely known and celebrated than those from Dr. Martin Luther…

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January 20, 2018

Build A Better You Challenge: Courage

Last year, Fight For Life Foundation began partnering with Saturday Evening Post’s Jack and Jill Magazine to incorporate some of the core values taught through our Building Dreams program. Jack and Jill allowed us to reach kids all over the United States through stories and experiences that our founder, Marlin…

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November 16, 2017

Building Dreams Bowl: The Final Issue

In 2017, Fight For Life Foundation has partnered with Saturday Evening Post to incorporate the Building Dreams program within their U.S. Kids Jack and Jill magazine. Jack and Jill magazine is a national children’s magazine for kids ages 6-12 that has over 40,000 subscribers. Each page is designed to spark a child’s curiosity…

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September 06, 2017

Walking Through A Week Of Building Dreams

Building Dreams is the program that’s at the core of everything we do here at Fight For Life Foundation. It is an evidence-based and incentive-based educational program that utilizes real-life experiences and is based on Social Emotional Learning. Building Dreams was designed under the leadership of the FFLF Board of Directors…

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September 14, 2016

Children From Crisis-Affected Countries Dress Up For Their Dream Jobs

In a powerful photo collection put together by UNOCHA, the United Nations’ humanitarian affairs organization, children from crisis-affected nations around the world explore their hopes and dreams in celebration of World Humanitarian Day Friday.Today, a record 130 million people depend on the U.N. and its partner organizations for humanitarian support…

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