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Marlin Jackson

Founder & CEO

Marlin Jackson is a graduate of the University of Michigan, an entrepreneur and a lifelong-learner. He sees every experience and encounter as an opportunity for learning. As a former collegiate and professional athlete, Marlin Jackson was groomed and developed within a structured, organized, and challenging environment. This experience of learning, in the classroom and in the arena of collegiate and professional football, caused Mr. Jackson to develop a unique perspective and skill set that is embedded in structure, organization, time-management, leadership, creativity, and passion.

An extremely motivated leader, he is detail oriented, able to multitask well, and possess excellent communications skills.

Over the years, Mr. Jackson has proven himself to be a goal-oriented, disciplined, and driven person who is able to do whatever is needed to help himself and others succeed. He has displayed these qualities throughout his life as a captain on the University of Michigan football team, in the National Football League with the Indianapolis Colts and Philadelphia Eagles, as sports analyst and sports radio show co-host, and now, as Founder and President of Fight for Life Foundation, Inc.

In 2012, Marlin married his beautiful wife, Mrs. Nikki Jackson, they now have three smart, handsome, loving boys, Camden, Kingston, and Kash Jackson