Top 10 Black American Contributions To US Growth & Development

Source: D’IYANU | Repost Fight for Life Foundation 2/8/2023 –

History, as taught in schools, is mostly written by white men. In the last 75 years the historical dialogue has grown to include the voices of folks like W.E.B. Du Bois, Mary Francis Berry, Richard Wright, August Wilson, Spike Lee, Alice Walker and Trevor Noah, to name a few.

The US is ranked as the most powerful country in the world. That ranking did not happen by accident. It is the rebellious spirit of our forefathers, the ingenuity of great thinkers, inventors, businesspeople, innovators and hard workers that helped make it great.

Here is a list of ten developments that would not be possible without black American thinkers, innovators and physical laborers.


Born a free man in 1807, Henry Blair was the second African American to be issued a United States patent. Despite being illiterate and uneducated, he was a successful farmer who patented two inventions: a corn planter and a cotton planter. Both of his inventions greatly increased efficiency on the farm by limiting labor and time.

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