30 Universal Strategies For Critical Learning

Source: TeachThought University | Repost Fight for Life Foundation 3/30/2022

As teachers, we’re all trying to better understand how people learn–not now they’re taught in terms of teaching strategies, but more so learning strategies–only not really strategies. Learning actions, or cognitive actions. Strategies for learning.

Self-directed and social learning will undoubtedly be at the core of any sort of future learning and the idea of critical literacy and critical learning in pursuit of that literacy are central to a modern education.

But to improve learning in both self-directed and teacher-centered learning environments, it can be illuminating to look past the activities, projects, and courses to try to see what sort of brain-level actions learners are performing. Like push-ups, wind sprints, and weight training are physical actions that help train an athlete’s body, what kind of cognitive actions train a learner’s mind?

Bloom’s taxonomy–especially the annotated ‘Bloom’s Wheel’–helpfully offers Bloom’s Taxonomy verbs that drive the planning of learning activities, but I wanted to be even more specific. The goal here is to create a self-directed learning model that supports 21st-century learners in finding, analyzing, improving, repackaging, and sharing data in pursuit of self-knowledge. But pushed further, what are those specific strategies that work universally?

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