Our mission at Fight For Life Foundation (FFLF) is to help deserving but underserved youth develop the social and emotional qualities needed to be successful.

Inspired by the vision of founder Marlin Jackson, the Foundation has supported underserved youth in developing the social and emotional qualities needed for success. Since its formation in 2007, the organization has delivered services to over 18,761 youth by providing such social-emotional learning programs. 

These qualities include self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision-making through the use of technology, education, enriching experiences and wellness activities as the basis for positive youth development.




Our Core Values


We must always remain humble in the face of success and adversity. We must stay balanced in order to remain focused on our goal of directing children’s lives down the right path.


We must strive to be creative in our thoughts and approach towards creating ways to help those less fortunate.


We must always be able to step outside of ourselves and look inside in order to see how others may view the world around us. We need to always remain open to understand and consider the view of others.


We must feel with our hearts and souls the passion that lies within us to help those less fortunate.  We must be able to absorb and understand the circumstances that exist for those we are trying to help.


Board Members & Staff

carolyn gentle-genitty, PHd

bod - programming

Dr. Gentle-Genitty is a passionate educator and servant leader who excels in leadership and curriculum development. She is service and student driven. She is a…

Veronica Watkins

BOD- Events and Relations

Veronica Watkins is a native of Jackson, Mississippi. A daughter of a preacher caused her to move from Mississippi, to Texas, to Indiana her sophomore…

francis bowen , PHd

BOD- research

Dr. Bowen is a mission-driven researcher who thrives on mentorship and exploring creative solutions for his community using AI and machine learning. Leveraging his diverse entrepreneurial background…

Andrew Morton, Esq.

Foundation Legal Counsel

Andrew Morton is a Partner and Chair of the Sports and Entertainment Law Practice at Handler Thayer LLP, where he serves as philanthropy and public…


Director of program management

Anna Sutter is an energetic & innovative education advocate with five years of invaluable experience as a school counselor in Indianapolis where she used a radically student-centered and data-driven approach to support Hoosier youth…


Implementation Specialist

Taylor Massey is a creative professional in the field of education, with a proven track record of success in roles ranging from educator to school culture specialist over the past 7 years…

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