A Year of Growth, Community, and Centering Mission Alignment

2023 was one for the Hall of Fame! We surfed through waves of opportunities, surprises,and personal growth, and even when we faced some unexpected hurdles, we kept our eyes on the prize and stayed true to our mission-driven strategy.

This year was full of firsts, from hosting our first-ever Building Dreams Champions Breakfast at the Colt’s Practice Facility, to testing out our new 9-week STEM curriculum with the awesome teens at The Rock Community Center on Indianapolis’ east side.

Our team set a whole bunch of records too! We snagged the biggest grant, individual contribution, individual licensing agreement, and in-kind contribution to date.

The Fight for Life team is feeling the heat, and we’re more fired up than ever to achieve our goals and bring our vision to life. We’re committed to making a difference in the lives of underserved youth and underfunded schools across Indianapolis and beyond. Let’s do this!

Here is the full Impact Report for 2023. Check It Out!!

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