America's Broken Education System

“The issues we are seeing are not pandemic related—they’ve always been there”

Anna Sutter, 28
School counseling director

Source: Bloomberg | Repost Fight for Life Foundation 9/6/2022 –

The school year wasn’t even over when Diane D’Costa knew she had to quit. At 26, after teaching for just four years, she was done with the profession. “I was doing the job of five people,” she says about her work at a Washington, D.C., charter school, where she taught until March.

For decades, America’s educators have said they would’ve abandoned the job long ago were it not for their devotion to their students. But after a demanding and demoralizing two years that included Zoom schooling, culture wars, and shootings, those threats have finally become real. A Gallup Poll in February showed that K-12 educators were the most burned-out segment of the US labor force.

Now teachers are walking out by the hundreds of thousands, vowing never to return. A study by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) in March found that 44% of public schools reported teaching vacancies. By LinkedIn’s calculations, the number of teachers who quit in June was almost 41% higher than a year earlier.

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