Ashley C. Ford: If “Kids Are the Future,” Why Don’t We Act Like it?

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This is Thresholds, a series of conversations with writers about experiences that completely turned them upside down, disoriented them in their lives, changed them, and changed how and why they wanted to write. Hosted by Jordan Kisner, author of the essay collection Thin Places, and brought to you by Lit Hub Radio.

In this episode, Jordan talks with Ashley C. Ford, author of the memoir Somebody’s Daughter, about how writing made her into more of herself, about the systems we live under, and about finding joy in new community.

Ashley C. Ford: I’m not just thinking about individuals, I’m thinking about systems—the systems we live in and the systems we live under. Right now, we’re working to end the federal free breakfast and lunch program for schools. Kids are being killed in their classrooms, beside their teachers. Not every kid gets the chance to go to a school that has resources, or in some cases even internet. There are places where kids have to go to school without internet in this country. There are kids who have never had a birthday party, and they are not Jehovah’s Witnesses. There are kids who basically spend their entire childhoods being told that despite having none of the creature comforts of the kids they see in movies, on TV, or sometimes just on the other side of town, that they should be imminently grateful. Just pure grateful for the fact that maybe they have a roof over their head and maybe they eat regular.

We talk about kids being the future. We talk about, “I want to do this for kids. I want to do that for kids.” That we’re making changes in this country for the betterment of kids and to protect the children because they’re so precious and they’re so important—and none of the things that actually affect their lives on a daily basis do we have any interest in addressing, even down to health care.

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