Building Dreams Champions Breakfast Thank You

To everyone who attended the 1st annual Building Dreams Champions Breakfast—Thank You! Your presence was truly a present and we are so thankful that you chose to celebrate educators, students, and families with us. Over the last three years, we have all been on a journey of new experiences, uncertainty, and growth. Through it all, the staying power of the need for human connection has remained.

It literally filled the Fight for Life Foundation team’s hearts to have educators, administrators, students, parents, funders, legal team members, technology team members, marketing team members, finance team members, and general supporters in the same room. Being together and connecting around our mission, what we do, and how we do it, was the absolute best. Through our communal exploration that day, we were all able to discover the impact being created through Building Dreams.

It takes courage, curiosity, and collaboration to create new ways of supporting students. In doing this, we develop the “Whole Adult Person”. We know that by working together we can create systemic evolution to build stronger classrooms and create healthier schools.

It starts with us collectively, but it begins with each of you and your continued effort. We must do the work that is needed to help students improve on their self awareness. We must increase our social awareness so that we help students understand the impact of self control. This is true, because we especially know as adults that our decisions will lead us to a better tomorrow and help form the healthy relationships that will create people that feel seen, heard, valued, and accepted. You are key.

So, on this journey we hope that you will continue to explore, learn, connect, and grow with us!

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