“Building Dreams” Former Indianapolis Colt Marlin Jackson working to impact the lives of Indy’s youth

Source: WRTV – Indianapolis | Repost Fight for Life Foundation 4/12/2023 –

An organization created by former Indianapolis Colt, Marlin Jackson, is hoping to change the lives of Indianapolis youth.

“We teach it as decision making,” Jackson told WRTV.

Jackson’s foundation is called Fight for Life. The former NFL cornerback started the foundation more than 10 years ago as a way to give back.

The foundation focuses on serving the underserved youth by helping to provide the social and emotional tools that are needed for success. He says he started it after the troubles he faced at an early age.

“I remember being at that age – with my mom not coming home, not having clean clothes and not having the idea of what was going on inside of me,” Jackson added.

Jackson’s latest component of his foundation is called Building Dreams.

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