Building Dreams Software As A Service

What is the Buildings Dreams Software as a Service?

Through Software as a Service, we execute our mission of helping underserved youth develop the social emotional qualities needed for success, by providing an all-in-one school culture and climate management system. Through our technology, we offer three domains of tools and resources–Behavioral Supports, Social Emotional Wellness, and Communication domains make up the Building Dreams technology.

Our Relationship Focused Technology starts with Student-Centered Engagement, engaging the student with supports to build their Self Awareness and the ability to cope and self-regulate because of the consciousness they develop and the support they feel. All of this builds trust between students, educators, and parents–because the student feels seen and supported by the key adults in their life. Through Behavioral Supports and Social social-emotional wellness tools, and Communication resources–students have an engaging space to connect at any time with themselves, their peers, or the adults in their life.

FFLF partners with K-12 schools, community centers, and summer learning programs to deliver Building Dreams for a school year or a summer learning session. By engaging students with behavior supports and social emotional wellness tools, we work with the key adults in student’s lives to assist with building self identify and positive skills related to school attendance and academic performance.


A Proven Process

The Building Dreams Proven Process is how the Fight for Life team creates a student-centered ripple effect that touches Fight for Life staff, educators, students, and parents. Anna Sutter leads the execution of the Proven Process with assistance from Marlin Jackson, CEO, and Lisa Mitchell, COO. Through Fight for Life’s Proven Process we Discover new sites and establish common ground, we then onboard and train their team, and assist with implementation, while providing meaningful support that shapes classroom and school culture– our Culture Report Cards enable data-driven decision-making within the site environment. Building relationships starts with our team and extends to the educators, students, and families we serve.

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