Building Dreams: What Are They Saying Series? - Part 1

General Summary of Survey

The Fight for Life Foundation leadership team values the feedback of our Building Dreams users. We understand how critical it is to collect feedback and data regarding our proven process in order to continue innovation and growth in our product and support structure. Most importantly, we love sharing Fight for Life Foundation’s multifaceted impact with our community, sponsors and supporters! Please check out what our users have to say from our September 2022 Building Dreams Support Survey.

Written Testimonials

  • “Anna [Director of Program Management] was absolutely great when we received our training on Building Dreams. She was excited about her work and very engaging. It was easy to tell she truly believes in this program and the work they are doing. She is committed to bettering the program to meet the needs of those using it. I really feel like she would do anything in her power to solve a problem if it was brought to her. She really seems to listen to feedback and absorb what people are saying they need. I think she has made positive progressive in the program.” –Librarian (K-6th), Indianapolis Public Schools
  • “I admire that [Fight for Life Foundation] was created to help youth.”
    – Instructional Coach (K-6th), Phalen Leadership Academies

Data Summaries from the Survey

  • 58.3% of our survey responses came from individuals that have been working in education for over 15 years!
  • Out of our survey responses, 50% reported an extremely positive perception of the Building Dreams program. 33.3% reported a moderately positive perception, and 16.7% reported a slightly positive perception. 0% reported any neutral or negative perceptions of the Building Dreams program.

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