Meet Carolyn Gentle-Genitty, PHD - FFL Board of Directors

Dr. Gentle-Genitty is a passionate educator and servant leader who excels in leadership and curriculum development. She is service and student driven. She is a national truancy expert, sitting as president of International Association of Truancy and Dropout Prevention. She is the co-founder of the INSA (International Network for School Attendance). She is an award winning teacher, researcher, and service scholar. As a national book and journal author, app and model developer. She has and continues to make impact around the world for youth through her work and publications under philosophy of student bond = student success. Her model for teaching theory S.A.L.T. Theory and the copyrighted Perception of School Social Bonding (PSSB) instrument are examples. She is now focused on school absenteeism and establishing a field of study in the US and with INSA colleagues worldwide.

Carolyn’s Mission Moment:

It was raining outside. Somewhat drenched and almost lost, they—volunteers and kids—peering through the glass walls happily pointed me to the door I must enter. Laughter rang loud. Hugs and hi-fives were welcomed with ear-to-ear-smiles. Visible joy caused them to be unable to sit still. Even teachers joined in.

Socks off, hands in the air, almost out of breath, and wide-eyed from the unfathomable choices, they ran around from activity to activity onto the climbing wall, well maybe the ropes and warrior courses, or wait let’s stop at the trampolines first then to the slam dunk, bungee jumping, and drop zone. It was the Be a Blessing November field trip to the Indy’s Urban Air Adventure and Trampoline Park in Noblesville.

As much as the children raved about the choices, about riding in a luxury bus for the first time, they remarked of the newness of the experience. This is exposure! Exposure to positive people, places, and things. Impacting lifetime memories and creating space and place to play and dream around caring adults. Our mission at Fight for Life Foundation (FFLF) is to help deserving but underserved youth develop the social and emotional qualities needed to be successful. These qualities are formed as much through positive exposure as it is through negative ones. Rather than only offer a platform to report and track socio-emotional learning in K12 schools we also help schools and children develop the skills to succeed. When children realize there is more to life than just their four walls at home or school, or even a bus, they have time to dream, have hope, play, and plan and build socio-emotional skills. The lump in my heart, water-filled eyes, sniffling nose, and flutter in my belly confirms this day as a real mission moment!

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