Check-In/Out Assessment Feature in Building Dreams

As we continue our Building Dreams Feature Focus journey, this week we are focusing on the Check-in/out assessment. This student focused feature is a module within the Building Dreams technology Social Emotional Wellness domain. This resource engages each student to build their Self-Awareness, while empowering teachers with critical information relayed through text and email notifications. This type of functionality empowers teachers to be socially aware and responsive to their students social emotional needs.

The feature assess each students attitudes, beliefs, daily plans, emotions and stress levels as they enter and exit each day. Many schools use this feature as a part of their classroom management to engage students in a meaningful manner as they start and end their day. The collected data helps educators remain aware of any trends with student stress levels and emotions. Students are engaged, seen, and supported because of the connections made through the Check-in/out assessment module.

A 2015 Child Trends report, Preventing Violence, says “Schools are another important focus for intervention, and efforts to improve school climate should include a focus on improving engagement, safety, and environment by developing social and emotional skills.” The report expresses support for a model like Building Dreams:

Recent advances in technology make it easier to screen youth for violence and associated risk factors, and technology is increasing the reach of some proven programs. Widespread use of texting and smart phone apps can potentially increase the reach of already-proven programs to a larger audience, as well as opening up the door to innovative new approaches that teach and reinforce skills in a medium that is embraced by youth.

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