Empowering Educators with 'Standings'

In this week’s newsletter, we’re excited to delve into a pivotal aspect of our powerful Building Dreams software: The Standings feature. Designed to provide educators and site administrators with comprehensive insights, Standings is a data analytics tool that goes beyond the surface, allowing you to understand how each classroom or student measures up within the broader group. Let’s take a closer look at how Standings can revolutionize your approach to student development.

What is Standings?

Standings is not just a feature; it’s a game-changer. Tailored for “Teacher” and “Site Admin” users, this dynamic dashboard offers a bird’s eye view of essential metrics, helping you gauge both positive and negative behavior indicators, as well as safety and wellness concerns. By understanding the standing of each classroom or student, educators can make informed decisions to enhance the learning environment.

Key Metrics at Your Fingertips

1) Positive Behavior Indicators:
  • First Downs: Celebrate the victories! Track and recognize positive behaviors that contribute to a thriving classroom environment.
  • Extra Points: Encourage and acknowledge the extra effort students put into their academic and social endeavors.
  • Badges: Recognize and reward achievements and positive milestones.
2) Negative Behavior Indicators or Office Referrals:
  • Sacks: Address challenges head-on. Identify negative behaviors to intervene and support students effectively.
  • Red Zones: Pinpoint areas that may require additional attention or intervention.
3) Safety and Wellness Concerns:
  • Flags: Prioritize student well-being. Keep a keen eye on safety and wellness concerns to create a secure learning space.

Features That Empower

1) Customizable Date Ranges:
  • Tailor your analysis to specific timeframes. Whether you want a weekly overview or a monthly breakdown, Standings allows you to adjust the date range effortlessly.
2) Explore Category Activity Details:
  • Dive deeper into the specifics. Understand the nuances of behavior and achievement categories to make targeted interventions and celebrate successes effectively.
3) Export Data as CSV:
  • Seamlessly integrate with your workflow. The ability to export data as a CSV file ensures compatibility with other tools and allows for further analysis or reporting.

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